Creation of PTC Tarlac


PTC Tarlac Training Center

Provincial Training Center (PTC)- Tarlac was established through the Countryside Development Fund of Honorable Senator Ernesto F. Herrera and Honorable Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr. in affirmation of the commitment to develop and upgrade the skills standard of the middle level manpower of the Province of Tarlac.

For more than a decade in operation as provider of technical vocational education and training, PTC TARLAC has achieved remarkable increase in its Trainees enrolment and employment; strengthened partnership with industries to establish more relevant dual training programs, registered programs with TESDA Unified TVET Program & Accreditation System (UTPRAS); accredited as a competency and assessment center; continuously pursued on the development of its human resources for an improved instructional delivery system.

Constructed on a 1,000 square meter site donated by the Provincial Government of Tarlac through Sangguniang  Panlalawigan Resolution no. 159-97, “Granting authority to the Provincial Governor to enter, for and in behalf of the province of Tarlac into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for the establishment of a Training Center in the Province of Tarlac.”


  1. Executive Summary

PTC- TARLAC is envisioned to be an authority in the development of globally competitive and highly productive technically skilled workers with positive work values.

To be true to our mission, we provide quality services to its clients and stakeholders and certified graduates for gainful employment.  We believe in demonstrate competence, Instructional integrity, personal commitment and deep sense nationalism.

We attain our goals by establishing a ready pool of skilled workers to match the manpower needs of the industry; training delivery systems are quality assured and provide excellent and useful results.  A large percentage of PTC Tarlac graduates have certified competencies in specific trades.  Target groups or individuals in communities including marginalized sectors enjoy improved and sustained incomes and standards of living; A significant number of new entrepreneurs including youth entrepreneurs would be produced from PTC-Tarlac graduates or trainees;

To ensure the provision of quality technical vocational education and training, the Training Center constantly undergo:  registration of its program offerings and compliance audits; accreditation and certification of its Trainers; assessment and certification of its graduates; and accreditation of the Center.

Vision, Mission and Goals of PTC –Tarlac 

  • Vision
    • Provincial Training Center -Tarlac is a leading partner in building the Province of Tarlac a major growth center in the region
  • Mission
    • Ensure matching of training with needs of enterprises or industries; Enhance quality assured TVET system; Assure competencies of PTC Tarlac graduates; Promote/provide and support the development of entrepreneurs; Promote widely TESD programs and technical-vocational careers.
  • Objectives
    • To establish a ready pool of skilled workers to match the manpower needs of the industry;
    • To enhance employment opportunities and productivity of every Tarlaqueno by providing them basic skills training and enhancement programs on character development with emphasis on work ethics, descriptive, resourcefulness and nationalism.
    • To encourage private industrial films to take more active participation in manpower planning and development and in the promotion and implementation of industry-based programs like on-the-job training, the dual training system, apprenticeship and learnership programs.


    • Quality technical education and training is the thrust of Tarlac Provincial Training Center and it shall be the policy of the center to ensure the delivery of qualified, efficient and knowledgeable graduates who are globally competitive, thus:
    • All activities shall be geared towards Competency-Based Curriculum courses to meet the performance standards of jobs in the industry.
    • There is a documented hierarchy of function which clearly defined function and line of responsibility and accountability to ensure quality of graduates.
    • All heads are responsible to ensure that all employees are qualified and knowledgeable of their respective area.
    • It is important that all employees understood and maintained Tarlac Provincial Training Center Quality Assurance System.


    • Is a process whereby people’s prior learning can be formally recognized in terms of registered qualifications, regardless of where and how the learning was attained.



  • Can communicate both orally and in writing
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • With good moral character
  • At least 18 years’ old
  • At least High School graduate


  • Trainees at the Center should:
    • Exhibit proper conduct and attitude whenever they are;
    • Follow standard operating procedure;
    • Develop a spirit of camaraderie and belongingness;
    • Observe safety rules while performing their duties and responsibilities; and
    • Develop trust and confidence.

Everyone at the Center should conduct himself properly.

  1. Training Attendance
    • Trainees are expected to follow strictly the training schedule of the Center. They must come for training on time. Trainees who come 15 minutes late from the start of classes shall be considered absent.  Tardiness, if done three times shall be treated as one unexcused absent regardless of cause.
  2. Absenteeism
    • In the course of training, absence cannot be entirely avoided. However, absenteeism must be kept to a minimum during the entire training period (maximum of three (3) absences).
    • Absences are classified as follows:
      • Excused Absence:
      • Illness of trainees or immediate member of the family
      • Disastrous storm and death of a relative
    • Unexcused Absence:
    • Cutting of classes
    • Malingering
    • Three times tardiness
  3. Penalties
    • Deliberate cutting of classes must be avoided
  • 1st Offense – reprimand
  • 2nd Offense – warning for dismissal
  • 3rd Offense – dismissed from training
    • No trainee shall be allowed to work in the shop without the prescribed uniforms. Borrowing of uniforms is not permissible.  Mutilating, dyeing or perforating the uniform is prohibited.
    • The identification card should be displayed at all times.
    • Male trainees must have a decent haircut (barber’s cut)
    • No wearing of earrings inside the center premises.
    • Trainees should not loiter during training hours or waste study time.
    • It is the duty of trainees to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the room, workshop area, and in all service units like the clinic, comfort room, etc.
    • Spitting or blowing one’s nose on the floor is unsanitary and therefore prohibited.
    • Trainees are required to do the cleaning and housekeeping in order to keep the shops and rooms tidy and orderly at all times.
    • No monetary collections of any kind is allowed unless authorize by duly constituted authority.
    • Safety is everybody’s responsibility.
    • Safety gadgets such as machine, goggles, etc., are provided in the shops.
    • Learn the necessary precautionary measures from your instructors.
    • Don’t take chances. Report immediately any accident, however, minor it may be, to the instructors.
    • Trainees should not wear slippers in the shops
    • Smoking prohibited in the shops
    • Fire extinguishers are provided in strategic places in the Center.
    • When fire is noticed, rush to the nearest extinguisher and try to put the fire under control.
    • Report any sign or possible cause of fire like faulty wiring.
    • Open flame should never be brought near combustible materials such as waste, cotton, gasoline, oil, etc.
    • Trainees may be searched. If necessary, you may be detained for a thorough search of belongingness and frisked bodily. You should not object to this nor feel offended. This is a part of security measures established in any institutions or firm where you may likely find employment in the future.
    • The properties of the Center should not be misused or taken out of the premises without prior authorization;
    • A gate pass is required of all outgoing properties from the Center;
    • Damage to or lose of tools/equipment due to negligence, improper use, and vandalism should be replaced in kind and of the same brand by the concerned party.
    • Normally, trainees are not allowed to bring their own tools which may have similarities with those find in the shops. However, if training requires them to bring their own articles, they should be registered for clearance when being taken out from the Center.
    • If trainee loses any of his property within the Center premises, he should make it a point to report to his instructor and the security officer. Conversely, if he finds another property, return the same promptly. The Center appreciates such prompt honest action.
    • Trainees should attend flag raising ceremony every Monday.
    • Workshop shall be opened and ready at 7:30 every morning and closed at 5:30 every afternoon, daily except on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
    • No trainee is allowed to enter the Center premises wearing slippers, sandals and shorts.
    • Alcoholic beverage, prohibited drugs and deadly weapons is strictly prohibited inside the Training Center.
    • Wearing of ID is a must at all times.
    • Vandalism is strictly prohibited.
    • Workshops must be cleaned and maintained always.
    • Flammable materials should be stored properly.
    • Doors and windows must be closed and properly locked after office hours.
    • Bringing and drinking any intoxicating liquors is strictly prohibited inside the Training Center.
    • No smoking in the workshop and classroom.
    • Stay in the Training Center during training hours. Avoid loitering.
    • During lunch break (12:00-1:00pm), trainee is not allowed to stay in the work shop area.
    • Use the Center’s property such as tools, machines, equipment, chairs, tables, etc. properly and avoid defacing or mutilating them.


    • Clean workshop right after signing on the logbook.
    • Turn of lights when not in used.
    • Maintain water supply system
    • Maintain tools equipment
    • Observe safety at all times
    • Observe cleanliness at all times
    • Submit yourself for inspection (Security matters)
    • SOP for trainer’s & staff
    • Garbage disposal